Building a Growth Machine

Mastering organic growth

building a growth machine

mastering organic growth

Growth Accelerator

Creating a customer-centric growth-machine
to master organic growth

Organic growth is key to generating outstanding shareholder returns and delivering high profits. Going for organic growth is a business’s strategic choice and typically based on strong organizational capabilities. A lot of companies especially in slow-growth sectors underestimate its value. They often lack the mindset, culture and capabilities required for acting on and addressing growth.

For that reason, we have developed Growth Accelerator – a transformative and agile solution that focuses on jointly identifying the most promising areas for boosting growth, developing a sound strategic approach, and implementing this strategy in an agile way.

A systematic approach

Growth Accelerator combines advanced analytics, training, mentoring, and coaching. Engaging in this program is about investigating all available growth levers in an agile way – this means running experiments, analyzing results, and iterating quickly.

The core strength of Growth Accelerator is its pragmatic and fast approach linked to one or all three strategic directions for growth: (1) Upgrade/Invest, (2) Perform, and (3) Create/Innovate.

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areas of action

our services

Areas of action

Upgrading and/or investing in existing brands, products, services, and/or commercial activities. By properly reallocating resources to existing but unidentified pockets of growth (e.g. underperforming segments or micro-markets) and achieving organizational alignment, significant growth can be achieved in a relatively short time.

What we do

We analyse sales data, trends, and metrics to generate insights, set targets and forecast future performance. By applying data science and taking a fine-grained at your data assets we identify pockets of growth. We develop and implement tools for identifying and capturing granular and often overlooked growth opportunities (e.g. geographical micro-market analysis, hyper segmentation). Through structured interviews and workshops we capture the voice of your customers and generate additional insights from running customer satisfaction surveys. We perform product value mapping and features-benefits analysis to identify missed opportunities in your product and service offering and to ensure product-market-fit.

Performing better in core commercial areas such as sales, marketing, pricing, customer experience. Excelling in core functions with a customer-centric mindset and sales approach is a powerful way to increase revenues.

What we do

We generate added value from the digital traces of your customers. We capture the voice of your customers and measure customer satisfaction. Through Segmentation and Customer Value Mapping we develop the right value proposition design for all your targeted markets. We align the sales, marketing and service function and optimize your sales operating model. By optimizing your sales steering and implementing performance management, we upgrade your sales organization in areas that are often overlooked when managing for growth. We shorten your sales cycles through an optimized Sales Process that creates verifiable value for your customers and matches their buyer’s journey. Through A/B-testing we ensure message-market-fit. We optimize your sales pitch and develop targeted scripts based on your optimized Sales Process and Customer Value Mapping. Additionally, we develop robust prospect and customer qualification criteria based on Customer Segmentation and discovery.

Creating new products, services, and/or business models. This direction focuses on innovation, one of the strategies mostly associated with growth but that has the highest degree of risk. For this reason, we help you manage it more effectively to generate results.

What we do

We profile the market landscape, clarify requirements, and evaluate potentials. Through automated data collection and web crawling, internal workshops, or directly through interviews with your cutting-edge customers, we identify unmet needs and spot new market trends and opportunities for your growth. With our partners we engage in innovation workshops to develop, prototype, and test new, customer-centric offers.

Upgrade / Invest


Create / Innovate


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Our approach

Our project phases

Phase 1 to 3 are supported by sophisticated project management and reporting tools.

step 0

(2 DAYS)

Based on a preliminary analysis of your KPIs and commercial setup we determine possible focus areas and estimate the potential impact of a Growth Accelerator initiative. Outcomes of this phase are agreed objectives and a clear project proposal.

step 1


Growth Accelerator requires a dedicated and diverse team of experts and is best supported by proper reporting, project management and sales enablement tools (e.g. CRM-system). In case prerequisites are not fulfilled, we might need to engage in a pre-project to enable Growth Accelerator.

step 2


During Phase 2 we use data-science to exploit your data assets and conduct detailed analyses targeted at identifying and quantifying growth opportunities. We also engage in ideation sessions and interview your cutting-edge customers. In diagnostic workshops these growth opportunities will be jointly assessed and build the backlog as well as project plan for all upcoming sprints.

step 3


During Phase 3 we work shoulder to shoulder with your management team and commercial organization to implement the most impactful and promising opportunities in short sprints. In this phase we act as project managers and facilitators; by providing extensive training and on-the-job coaching to your project team we ensure a successful learning transfer and help implementing the results. This phase is typically tool supported.

step 4


We believe that transformative change and exceptional growth requires constant monitoring and retesting. During a so-called Re-Check we redo defined elements of the Growth Accelerator Diagnostics to assess the results against the expectations from Phase 1.

Phase 1 to 3 are supported by sophisticated project management and reporting tools.

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