Rapid Profit Improvement

Transforming your business in 90 days

Rapid Profit Improvement

Transforming your business
in 90 days

Profit mining

Filling the gap between data-based business
analysis and value-based decision making

The amount and complexity of data available has tremendously increased over the last years. Most businesses start collecting more and more information while still lacking the capabilities of how to systematically extract valuable insights for increasing margin and profitability. Besides, lots of organizations do not know how to best create momentum and implement change.

For that reason we have developed Profit Mining. It is a pragmatic solution that combines advanced analytics to discover untapped potential with one-on-one coaching of frontline employees to implement transformational change that typically results in 2-4% increase in sales directly reflected on your bottom line within the first 3-9 months after project initiation.

our capabilities

Our solution

our capabilities

our solution

Extracting intelligence from data to generate lasting growth

Profit Mining is a combination of advanced data analytics and coaching, through which we first identify improvement opportunities, and then instil the capabilities in your workforce to realize them and achieve long lasting transformational change.
It offers objective, fact-based insights, derived from actual data, that help you analyse, and improve your existing business. In Profit Mining we turn Big Data into Smart Data and generate actionable recommendations. Through one-on-one and group coaching, we ensure the fastest possible realization of results.

What we do

We apply advanced analytics to discover untapped potential for profit improvement. These analytical efforts result in clear, very granular activities and structured recommendations for your frontline employees. Instead of providing general input, we develop detailed to dos which are implemented in a clear playbook and drawn onto a roadmap. But our intelligence goes even beyond, as we also estimate the degree of success and difficulty of each single activity based on customer feedback, to give you full transparency while empowering you in deciding what to do next. On this basis, we jointly determine which actions to seek during a set of workshops where we work shoulder to shoulder with your salesforce. We then provide extensive one-on-one coaching and training for your account managers and reps, to make sure they have the right tools to pursue optimal results. Through this activity, we aim at achieving transformational change, and promote a performance-oriented sales culture in your organization.


  • Coaching for results
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research incl. advanced Data Analytics
  • Customer Segmentation and Customer Prioritization (ABC, RFM, etc.) for Portfolio Analysis and Churn Prediction and Customer Lifetime Value Modelling
  • Process Analysis incl. Mapping and Mining Product Clustering and Portfolio Analysis incl.
  • Product and Component Complexity Analysis as well as Product Lifecycle Stage Analysis and Market Basket Analysis to identify Top sellers and Up- and Cross-Selling Potentials
  • Pricing and Margin Analytics
  • Opportunity Scoring and Sales Pipeline Analysis
Profit mining


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Our approach

Our project phases

Our Profit Mining approach will be customized to your needs.

Our approach

Our project phases

Our Profit Mining approach will be customized to your needs.

Phase 1 to 3 are supported by sophisticated project management and reporting tools.

step 0

(2 DAYS)

Based on a preliminary analysis of your KPIs, commercial setup, and organization (incl. sales, marketing, and procurement) we determine possible focus areas and estimate the potential impact of a Profit Mining initiative. Outcomes of this phase are agreed objectives and a clear project proposal.

step 1


Profit Mining requires profitability data on transaction level and is best supported by proper reporting tools. In case prerequisites are not fulfilled, we might need to engage in a pre-project to enable Profit Mining.

step 2


During Phase 2 we use data-science to exploit your data assets and conduct detailed, transactional analyses targeted at identifying and quantifying granular improvement opportunities. After the diagnostics, we collaborate with your staff to leverage their on-field expertise and business knowledge; in workshops the improvement opportunities are jointly assessed and we collaboratively build the basis for detailed action-oriented, implementable recommendations for your commercial organization.

step 3


During Phase 3 we work shoulder to shoulder with your sales force, marketers, and procurement to implement the most impactful and promising recommendations. We provide extensive training and regular on-the-job coaching for your account managers to ensure a successful learning transfer and fastest possible realization of results. This phase is typically tool supported.

step 4


We believe that transformative change and exceptional growth requires constant monitoring and retesting. During a so-called Re-Check we redo defined elements of the Profit Mining Diagnostics to assess the results against the expectations from Phase 1.

Phase 1 to 3 are supported by sophisticated project management and reporting tools.

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